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Filming Pater duis - Photo by Gwenn Huguen

/ director

/ cameraman
/ editor

Montreuil-sur-Mer - Photo d'Eric Deschamps

My gaze and my imagination are often drawn to the sea, especially through its evocations: the coast, the port, the shore, the cliffs, the horizon ... It is these sources of possibilities that give me strength and need to represent what they activate in me, imagining from these living moments with these elements, while thereby fueling my fascination with the complexity, beauty, strength and fragility of our environment on any scale. So I serve as a witness, as a revealer, by drawing the outlines of what fascinates me, crosses me, evokes me and calls out to me in my desire to transcribe my point of view. Because it is about that: to give to see, to read, to hear a particular glance on the world. Like a new experience.


The themes that emerge from my artistic research are focused on a naturalistic approach and scientific survey. For the sake of representation, I appeal to the natural sciences and to a strong mobilization of his imagery. I also question the narration through some strategies of "transgression" of the usual dramaturgies, in documentary as in fiction. And for some projects, I work from pre-existing materials: dreams, video archives, photographs, writings ... At the same time, my interventions in schools allow me to transmit in a didactic way my know-how and my vision of cinema as a 'art. These human relationships reflect the place I give to the social and educational dimension around creation.


My initial skills as an editor therefore slipped towards other practices, and in particular towards a capture of detail, nuance and the moment, towards a work starting from feelings and memory archives, and towards a use of the split -screen and photomontage, to question the "point of view", split the field of vision, telescope and confront looks, scales of perception, in order to better understand, specify or recall the place of elements within a everything, joining my approaches to questioning and representing our environments.

Charles Blondelle

"Dreams are gold, reality is lead" - Hugo Pratt

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