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Land 78, postmodern

8'30 experimental short - production Dick Laurent © 2018 and © 2020 for the international version

Written, filmed, directed and edited by Charles Blondelle

Land 78, postmodern
Land ‘78 Postmodern - Charles Blondelle
Land ‘78 Postmodern - Dick Laurent

Synopsis: Tale # 026 on the exodus of '78.
Intent: Short split screen film, conducted by a voiceover, involving image, sound and reading, in a potential suggestion of interactive devices. It is about questioning the way and the future possibilities of telling a story, through a fable inspired by a current fatality: the beginnings of a planetary collapse linked to a pandemic.


- Welcome To 9 Festival - 2018 - Lille, France (Regional award)

Eye did Eye

Eye did Eye

8-minute experimental short film - production Dick Laurent © 2017

Directed by Alice Clabaut and Charles Blondelle

Eye Did Eye - Dick Laurent

Synopsis: Today's front page is tomorrow's news.
Intent: Short split screen film on the principle of the palindrome, where two points of view confront and intersect.

Editing: Charles Blondelle



10-minute documentary short - production Dick Laurent © 2016

Written, directed and edited by Charles Blondelle

Zootropie - Dick Laurent
Zootropie - Charles Blondelle

Synopsis: "As long as he does not know him, man is a wolf for man" (Plautus)
Intent: In the spirit of an animal documentary, human behaviors and contexts are transposed into a semblance of zoological study.

Production manager: Marine Hossein - Image: Victor Desmettre - Interpretation: Fanny Bayard, Bela, Lyly Chartiez-Mignauw, Yasmine Elimari, Nicolas François, Élodie Lancry, Baptiste Legros, Yann Lesvenan, Marine Richini, Typhaine Richini and the students in Cinéma du Thérèse d'Avila high school in Lille - voice over: Lyly Chartiez-Mignauw

Drôle d’endroit pour un canari

What a strange place for a canary

Short fiction film of 6 minutes 50 - production Dick Laurent © 2015

Directed and edited by Charles Blondelle

Drôle d’endroit pour un canari - Dick Laurent
Drôle d’endroit pour un canari - Dick Laurent
Affiche Drôle d’endroit pour un canari © Clara Devred

Synopsis: Monsieur and Madame de Valenga have friends over for dinner. Bénédicte, the servant, has a lot of work. The last guests arrive, the meal and the game will be able to begin.


- Welcome To the End Festival - 2015 - Lille, France (Audience Award)

- 13th Salento International Film Festival (SIFF) - 2016 - Tricase, Italy

- 14th Bogota Short Film Festival (Bogoshorts) - 2016 - Bogota, Colombia - F3 Competition, “Fan Freak Fantastic competition”

- 1st International Festival of Silent Cinema (FIC Silente) - 2016 - Mexico City, Mexico

Production manager: Marine Hossein - Screenplay: Charles Blondelle & Alice Clabaut - Assistant director: Maïté Haddad - Writer : Diane Garsmeur - Image: Victor Desmettre - Electricians : Ophélie Vervacke & Lenaïc Pujol - Decoration: Amandine Gheerardyn - Make-up: Gaëlle Mennesson - Hairdressing : Simon Chossier - Costumes: Alexia Ruzé - Regie: Lucille Laskowski

Interpretation: Elodie Dormion, Stéphane Alex, Jérôme Baëlen, Brigitte Becques, Lucie Boissonneau, Emmanuelle Dautremont, Noa Deschamps Mayouf, Antoine Suarez-Pazos, Jean-François Picotin & Hélène Van Geenberghe



5 minutes experimental creation © 2015

Directed by Charles Blondelle

Inside - Charles Blondelle
Inside - Charles Blondelle

Synopsis: Which creature will we meet on our inner path?

Creative short film around or rather in the work "Tape Paris" by Numen / For Use at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris during the "Inside" exhibition.

"The curatorial concept delves into the murky territory of both physical and psychological interiority, thematising immersion, introspection and probing of the depths of self."

Pater duis

Pater duis

6-minute short fiction film - production Dick Laurent © 2014

Written, directed and edited by Charles Blondelle

Pater Duis - Dick Laurent
Photo by Gwenn Huguen - Pater Duis

Synopsis: Where a hit man honors his first contract opens a setting to thrive.

Produced with the support of CLAP and the Conseil Général du Nord

Assistant Director: Maite Haddad - Picture: Ophelia Vervacke - Sound: Gautier Dupont - Electricians Thomas Cichostepski David Wojtkowiak and Lénaïc Pujol - Machine: François Delaby - Sets: Amandine Gheerardyn - Makeup: Safrane Merlier and Gaëlle Mennesson - Board: Solene Dassonville - Still photographer: Gwenn Huguen - Paintings: Vianney Lefebvre.

Interpretation: Augustin Boyer, Guy Leroy, Alain Duclos

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