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First, the moment, the experience and the look. Then the emotion. And finally in an awareness, the idea. A wandering thought, a detailed scene, a photograph to frame, a verse to work on, a sketch to take care of or a direction to follow, which will serve as a basis for a development or which may be sufficient. So could I evoke the beginnings of my creative process.

Sensitive to what nature gives us to see, to what the position of observer of the current world brings back to the surface and to what the women and men offer us who, in a gesture, a movement, a language, a style, a line, a process, create a transposition of their psyche, I immerse myself in and inspire me with my interpretations on what drives me.

In these photomontage projects, it is about connecting and confronting what resonates in me in certain lines, shapes, perspectives, notions. So I work on a pre-existing material and I question the narration and the point of view. In an intuitive and poetic approach, the resonances project therefore matches my automatic writings, images and photographs, to give more scope and depth to each distinct part, while creating another meaning in the unity of the reunited parts. .

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